How might universities manage with enormous undergraduate classes

“I’m very interested these days in how the various social media can be used in order to improve learning in universities …” (more)

[Science, society, stuff …, 19 March]


One Response to “How might universities manage with enormous undergraduate classes”

  1. Brian Woods Says:

    Large lecture classes are indeed difficult. But as you rightly point out teaching and learning are not same. Teaching is a solely a real-time activity, learning on the other hand is not. Learning – that is constructing a meaningful set of interconnected constructs is a time-consuming process. up to four years for some undergrad subjects.

    Your much vaunted real-time digital tech is real-time stuff!

    Keep going! I suggest you include reading the odd chapter, or better still a complete book. And bye-the-bye, not paying attention during lectures is not exactly good-manners – though some lectures are indeed less interesting than watching paint drying. You might genuinely wonder what you are doing there. Except perhaps that you are having your tuition paid by some dopey taxpayers. You have a duty there? No?

    Know what a concept map is? Neither do your ‘teachers’!


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