Two graduates from 1906 still on NUI Seanad election register

“Two people who graduated in 1906 remain on the National University of Ireland’s register for Seanad elections, according to research conducted by an NUI Galway academic …” (more)

[Harry McGee, Irish Times, 21 March]


One Response to “Two graduates from 1906 still on NUI Seanad election register”

  1. The remarkable thing about the piece by Harry McGee is that it makes no comment on the policies of any of the candidates though the ballot papers are being issued to-day! The entire Seanad election process is ludicrously indefensible. The outgoing Minister (O’Caoimh) added a new twist on this occasion. The new register which was completed on Feb 26 is not being used!
    One has to be registered befor feb 26 2010 to have a vote!One can register to vote in a Dail election up to 14 days before polling day
    I set out my own policies below as ballot papers will be received to-morrow

    Paddy Healy, Former President, TUI,
    Independent Candidate for Seanad Eireann
    Tireless Campaigner for Education and Public Services
    An Independent Voice for All Public Servants including Teachers, Lecturers, Social Workers, Health Workers, All Administrative and Maintenance Staff , and all Public Service Pensioners as New Government Promises to eliminate 25,000 Jobs
    A Voice for Academic Freedom As New Government Reinforces Existing Threats and Department of Education threatens further pay cuts for Lecturers.
    Paddy Healy 086-4183732,,
    Tá Leagan Gaeilge ar mo bhlog—

    A Voice For Post-Doctoral Researchers,Postgrads and Temporary Teachers
    A Voice for all employees, the unemployed, Occupational Pensioners and the Needy at Home and Abroad
    Tireless Campaigner
    Paddy is Chairman of the National Public Service Alliance—an informal alliance of public service trade union activists which is fighting public service pay cuts, pension levy, work overload, staffing moratorium and destruction of conditions of service under the Croke Park Deal.
    He is Convenor of the Campaign for Academic Freedom which recently held a gathering of 200 academics in the Gresham Hotel to resist threats to academic freedom, permanency and tenure arising out of the implementation of the Croke Park Deal in Third level institutions: The New Government in its programme threatens:
    “We will introduce radical reform in third level institutions to maximise existing funding, in particular, reform of academic contracts and will encourage greater specialisation by educational institutions.”
    He is resisting the imposition of business models on 3rd Level education as proposed in the Hunt Report.
    He is organising opposition to the shameful treatment of Post-doctoral Researchers in third level institutions and seeking a permanent career structure for researchers and a new deal under which Postgraduate Students carrying out teaching work would get properly paid for each hour worked. He is totally opposed to the attempt to make Student Nurses work for nothing.
    He is Chairman of the Campaign to Reverse the Pension Cuts which is organising a legal challenge to the recent public service pension cuts. He is fighting for the removal of the Universal Social Charge which is unfairly reducing private occupational pensions.
    He is campaigning against cuts in public services such as health, education and social work and the elimination of jobs under the staffing moratorium.
    He is campaigning for the restoration of the full quota of Special Duties and Assistant Principal posts in schools.
    Job Creation and Investment
    He advocates a major programme of state job creation in sophisticated modern industry to employ the 100,000 qualified people who are now on the dole and being forced to emigrate.
    He is continuing his long standing campaign to increase investment in Education at all levels.
    About Paddy Healy
    More at
    Chair National Public Service Alliance, Global Solidarity Champion, Former President Teachers Union of Ireland(TUI), Lecturer in Physics(retd),
    Research Interest: Musical Instrument Acoustics, Former member of Governing Body and Academic Council DIT, Ag Freastail ar Daonscoil na Mumhan sa Rinn gach blian, Former Treasurer Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed(INOU), Former Executive Member Dublin Council of Trade Unions.
    He Lives at Griffith Court, Fairview, D 3 and is a native of Clonmel, Co Tipperary
    Radical Change Needed
    To make possible the objectives set out above, Fundamental Change is required.
    Government Policy
    Irish sovereignty must be recovered by facing down the EU and the IMF and insisting on a structured negotiated default under which the debts of banks, then privately owned, would not be paid while rescuing small investors and credit unions. The capitulation of the New Government to the EU/IMF will lead to disaster.
    Mortgage Debt on principal domestic residences which was inflated during the property bubble must be reduced. Interest rates must be frozen and the capital sum reduced to current house values. Evictions must be banned.
    The 90 Billion lent out recklessly by finance houses since 2003 must be recovered. This can be done by the imposition of a tax on large assets outside the domestic residence and the farm.
    Reductions in Social Welfare, and increased taxes on the lowly paid must be reversed.
    Cuts in Public services must end now. Cuts in disability services and in Special Needs Provision are particularly reprehensible
    Trade Union Reform
    The ICTU leadership has failed the members of trade unions. Members of the leadership sat on the Board of the Central Bank and on the the National Social and Economic Council(NESC) and on bodies such as the Board of Fás through the period of reckless borrowing and extreme right-wing policies. Apart from faint bleatings, nobody shouted stop.
    Now there are 450,000 people on the dole, one thousand per week emigrating, public service pay and pensions cut, thousands of frontline posts eliminated, massive increase in workload of teachers, lecturers, nurses, other health professionals, social workers and public servants generally, cuts in social welfare benefits etc
    Now the, The SIPTU leader who is also ICTU President is reported as having given qualified support to the formation of a FG-LAB coalition whose programme for Government contains a commitment to eliminate 25,000 public service jobs!! “Siptu chief Jack O’Connor claimed the Programme for Government was the best of the alternatives available” Irish Independent 07/03
    There has been a total leadership failure in ICTU.
    The calling off of campaigns and the supine acceptance of cuts and income reductions has disoriented thousands of members.
    In my forthcoming book which is available on line at ,I argue for complete renewal of the trade union movement both in its leadership and structures to restore control of the unions to members. This renewal must come from within the movement without legislative interference. The title of the work is : “How ICTU Failed US, the Necessity for Election and Regular Re-Election of General Secretaries.”
    Supporters Who Recommend NO 1 Vote for Paddy Healy
    I am very grateful to the 160 public servants who are recommending a vote for me to colleagues. I regret that the full list can only be read on my Blog at:
    All have added their names in a personal capacity
    Domhnall Sheridan, Chair Dublin Colleges (DIT) Branch, TUI
    Cathleen Bowen, Retired Hospital Manager,
    Secretary, Campaign for Reversal of Public Service Pension Cuts, Cork
    Ben Bishop Chair Dublin City Post Primary Branch, TUI
    Dr Colmán Etchingham, Chair NUI Maynooth Branch
    Executive Member, Irish Federation of University Teachers
    Prof Vincent Toal, School of Physics, DIT
    Oisin Kelly, Former Education Officer, UCD Students Union
    Prof Kathleen Lynch, Equality Studies, UCD
    John O’Sullivan, Lecturer in Engineering, CIT, Cork
    Dr Gordon Dalton, Chair Association of Research Contract Staff, UCC,
    President of Irish Research Staff Association.
    Sean Connolly,Teacher,Rathmines College of Further Education. Dublin
    Professor James Heffron MRIA, Department of Biochemistry, UCC
    Prof Tadhg Foley, Emeritus, NUI Galway
    Dr. Tony Bonfield, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.
    Prof Sean Tobin, Emeritus, NUI Galway
    Dr Keith Breen, School of Politics, QUB
    Peter Homan,Outreach Worker , South Dublin, HSE
    Prof Mary Gallagher, French Studies, UCD
    Professor Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Psychology, NUI Maynooth
    Andy Storey, Lecturer, School of Politics,UCD,
    Chair Action From Ireland (AFRI)
    Donnacha O’hEallaithe, Indreabhán, Conamara
    Dr Kevin Farrell, Executive Member, TUI
    Gerald Brennan, Chairman Cork City Schools, TUI
    Barry Williams, Chair, Co Louth Branch, TUI
    Manus Brennan, Executive Member, TUI , Donegal Town
    Deputy Seamus Healy, TD, South Tipperary
    James McMorrow, Co Leitrim Branch Secretary, TUI
    Josephine O Donnell, CEO VEC, Co Longford (Retired)
    Prof Michael Cronin, DCU
    Fergus Hastings, Staff Officer, GISC, Castlebar.
    Professor Gary Henehan, Food Science, DIT
    John Evoy, Gorey Adult Learning Centre Manager, Co. Wexford VEC
    Dr Eabhnat Ní Fhloinn,Director, Maths Centre, DCU
    Andy Storey, Lecturer, School of Politics,UCD, Chair AFRI
    Kieran Walshe, Boyne Branch, TUI
    Oliver McCormack, Teacher (RETD), Tullamore, Co Offally
    Dr David O Brien, Lecturer, DIT
    Bernie Freeman, Clerical officer, HSe West, Nenagh, Co Tipp
    Dr Eilish O’Donohoe, Lecturer in Chemistry, DIT

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