The seven universities

There are seven universities in Ireland, namely:

Technically, Trinity College is merely the sole college within the University of Dublin (Wikipedia); however, for all but the most rarefied legal purposes the distinction is forgotten, and the two names used interchangeably. Galway, Maynooth, UCC and UCD are constituent universities of the National University of Ireland (NUI) (Website¦Wikipedia); however, since 1997 they are each universities in their own right as well as members of the NUI.

The university heads are jointly represented by the Irish Universities Association (IUA) (Website¦Wikipedia), formerly known as the Conference of Heads of Irish Universities (CHIU).

Reforms are always in the air. At present, various possible mergers within the third level sector are under discussion, though none of the universities are pressing for them. Abolition of the NUI has been proposed by government (probably as a tidying-up operation prior to other changes), but has little support and some active opposition.


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