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The Bologna Process and Alumni Relations, Part II

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , , on 1 February 2010 by Steve

“Back in November of 2009, I looked at the Bologna Process of European higher education standardization and how it might affect alumni relations in Europe. In this second and final post on the topic, I’m sharing a few more comments from Dr. Daniel Guhr and Simon Lange of Illuminate Consulting Group. Illuminate’s consulting practice focuses on international strategic development in higher education. In this post Guhr and Lange address: Threats and challenges to alumni engagement under Bologna; The prospects for alumni loyalty to a specific institution; …” (more)

[Alumni Futures, 1 February]

Love’s in the air, but academy wants commitment, not three-year stands

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 20 August 2009 by Steve

UK“Students and higher education institutions are like lovers – and a pointless breakdown of the intimate relationship between the two means that universities miss out on their perfect life partners. The analogy is made in a paper due to be presented at a fundraising conference held by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) next week. It argues that institutions must follow a traditional romantic-courtship model if they are to build financially rewarding relationships with alumni, starting from the moment they meet. The report, authored by Precedent, a communications agency, compares the progress of a student through university and into their career to a burgeoning romance …” (more)

[Hannah Fearn, Times Higher Education, 20 August]

Bravo Trinity College Alumni!

Posted in Fees and access with tags , , on 22 November 2008 by Steve

“I attended graduate school at Trinity College, Dublin from 2005 – 2006 and never really had the sense that TCD was making an outreach of any sort to alumni. The prevailing feeling is that is what American universities did, not Irish ones – even though the Irish Government was starving their universities by making all undergraduate education free and not properly funding the universities’ budgets to be able to run current programs as well as up keep the buildings and grounds …” (more)

[Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen, 18 November]