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In the Dock, in Paris

Posted in Legal issues with tags , , on 27 January 2011 by Steve

“My entire professional life has been in the law, but nothing had prepared me for this. I have been a tenured faculty member at the finest institutions, most recently Harvard and NYU. I have held visiting appointments from Florence to Singapore, from Melbourne to Jerusalem. I have acted as legal counsel to governments on four continents, handled cases before the highest jurisdictions and arbitrated the most complex disputes among economic ‘super powers’. Last week, for the first time I found myself in the dock …” (more)

[Joseph Weiler,  EJIL: Talk!, 25 January]


Soul-searching for a liberal curriculum

Posted in teaching with tags on 30 June 2010 by Steve

“The contemporary university faces many pressing, and often conflicting, challenges. A catalogue of these pressures would include the need to compete in the global knowledge economy and the imperative to meet policy goals set by governments in fields such as equity, research and development and, increasingly, trade …” (more)

[Luke Slattery, The Australian, 30 June]