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Climate research under fire at US science budget hearing

Posted in research with tags , on 19 February 2011 by Steve

“First came the plan, now comes the sales pitch. Following the release of President Obama’s FY2012 budget request earlier this week, John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, took center stage yesterday to defend strategic increases for science funding …” (more)

[Gwyneth Dickey Zakaib, The Great Beyond, 18 February]

Climate Scientist Sues Skeptic for Libel

Posted in Legal issues, research with tags , , on 9 February 2011 by Steve

“A prominent Canadian climate scientist is suing a leading climate skeptic for libel, arguing that an article published online in January contained false and malicious claims …” (more)

[John Collins Rudolf, New York Times, 8 February]

Climate targets will not be met without research strategy

Posted in research with tags , on 15 September 2010 by Steve

“The UK lacks a research strategy for meeting the targets set out in the 2008 Climate Change Act, according to a new report from Research Fortnight …” (more)

[Exquisite Life, 15 September]

Peer review is no picnic

Posted in research with tags , , on 6 September 2010 by Steve

“Anyone who thinks peer review is a process of nudges and winks from your mates has never faced the harsh reality of having your work pulled apart …” (more)

[Jenny Rohn, Guardian Science Blog, 6 September]

A bona fide dispute

Posted in research with tags on 22 July 2010 by Steve

“A paper scrutinising the academic credentials of people on both sides of the climate change debate has riled almost everyone …” (more)

[Darrell Ince, Times Higher Education, 22 July]

Cuccinelli tells court former U-Va professor’s academic freedom not threatened

Posted in Legal issues with tags , , on 17 June 2010 by Steve

“Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has told a judge that his request for documents related to the work of former University of Virginia climate scientist Michael Mann should be granted because neither academic freedom nor the First Amendment ‘immunizes’ a person from a fraud investigation …” (more)

[Rosalind Helderman, Washington Post, 16 June]

Corrupting climate science

Posted in research with tags on 24 May 2010 by Steve

Der Spiegel tells the story of how political machination – from left and right – has warped climate science into a mockery of dispassionate knowledge creation. Any analysis of the climate debate that apportions blame by pointing fingers solely at the right or at the left is part of the problem. Any defense of climate scientists that rests on facile evocations of academic freedom is part of the problem …” (more)

[Critical Mass, 24 May]

Arts and humanities given reprieve at King’s, but strike may go ahead

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 6 May 2010 by Steve

“Management softens stance on compulsory job cuts after widespread criticism. The management at King’s College London appears to have abandoned plans for compulsory redundancies in a school where all academics were told they could lose their jobs – but strike action is set to escalate over further layoffs …” (more)

[John Morgan, Times Higher Education, 6 May]

Queen’s ordered to release tree data

Posted in Legal issues with tags , on 3 May 2010 by Steve

“Queen’s University has until Monday night to hand over unique data that could undermine global warming theories. The institution has refused to release all its findings on tree rings, which store information on climate patterns …” (more)

[Clare Weir, Belfast Telegraph, 1 May]

University told to hand over tree ring data

Posted in Legal issues with tags , , on 16 April 2010 by Steve

“Queen’s University in Belfast has been told by the Information Commissioner to hand over 40 years of research data on tree rings, used for climate research …” (more)

[BBC News, 15 April]

‘No malpractice’ by climate unit

Posted in Legal issues with tags , on 14 April 2010 by Steve

“There was no scientific malpractice at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, which was at the centre of the ‘Climategate’ affair …” (more)

[BBC News, 14 April]

A question (about universities, global challenges, and an organizational-ethical dilemma)

Posted in Governance and administration with tags on 8 April 2010 by Steve

“I have a question and it goes like this. Just suppose we are in a period in which the future of human life on the planet is seriously threatened – by climate change and all the negative economic, social and cultural processes that attend it – then are the world’s universities really doing all they could to mitigate and even head off the risks? …” (more)

[Nigel Thrift, GlobalHigherEd, 8 April]

UEA mishandled ‘Climategate’ Freedom of Information requests, say MPs

Posted in Legal issues with tags , on 31 March 2010 by Steve

“The University of East Anglia bears ‘much of the responsibility’ for the mishandling of Freedom of Information requests in relation to the so-called ‘Climategate’ email scandal, a cross-party panel of MPs has ruled …” (more)

[Zoë Corbyn, Times Higher Education, 31 March]

The Trouble With Climate Science

Posted in Governance and administration with tags on 11 March 2010 by Steve

“… A dangerous idea has taken hold in modern politics, and the sooner it is discredited, the better. The idea is that political disagreements can be resolved by science. Its basic logic seems sensible: As good children of the Enlightenment, we should turn to science to establish the facts about problems such as climate change before deciding what policies to implement. Yet the types of things that scientists are good at figuring out don’t have much to do with the types of things that politicians need to decide …” (more)

[Daniel Sarewitz, Slate, 10 March]

Science a victim of climate wars

Posted in research with tags , on 4 March 2010 by Steve

“The head of the peak university body has denounced ‘tabloid’ attacks on climate scientists and called on researchers to better communicate with the public. Addressing the National Press Club in Canberra, Universities Australia chairman Peter Coaldrake said scientific researchers were always vulnerable to attack when identifying ‘uncomfortable’ trends such as climate change …” (more)

[Andrew Trounson, The Australian, 5 March]

Climate scientist admits sending ‘awful emails’ but denies perverting peer review

Posted in research with tags , on 2 March 2010 by Steve

“The scientist at the centre of a media storm over global warming research admitted today he had sent ‘awful emails’ but said he expected to be cleared of accusations that he tried to pervert the scientific process. Phil Jones, head of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, told a parliamentary inquiry that there was nothing in the hundreds of emails released on to the internet last year that supported the claims …” (more)

[David Adam, Guardian, 1 March]

MPs quiz ‘climategate’ scientist

Posted in research with tags , on 1 March 2010 by Steve

“MPs have quizzed the scientist at the centre of the ‘climategate’ scandal, the first time he has been questioned in public since the row erupted. Professor Phil Jones used his appearance before the science committee to say that he had done nothing wrong …” (more)

[BBC News, 1 March]

University ‘tried to mislead MPs on climate change e-mails’

Posted in research with tags , on 27 February 2010 by Steve

“The university at the centre of the climate change row over stolen e-mails has been accused of making a misleading statement to Parliament. The University of East Anglia wrote this week to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee giving the impression that it had been exonerated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). However, the university failed to disclose that the ICO had expressed serious concerns …” (more)

[Ben Webster, Times, 27 February]

‘Climategate’ university rejects accusations that it manipulated research

Posted in research with tags , on 26 February 2010 by Steve

“The university at the centre of the ‘Climategate’ row over global warming data today rejected accusations that it had lost or manipulated scientific research. The University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit has been under fire since hacked emails, which sceptics claimed showed scientists manipulating climate data, were leaked online last year …” (more)

[Daily Telegraph, 25 February]

Looking harder at climate scientists

Posted in Legal issues with tags , on 12 February 2010 by Steve

“The University of East Anglia has announced that it will expand its investigation of its climate science unit to include a study of how the scientists handled data. Crucially, UEA will be working with an external group – the Royal Society – to locate external auditors who can maintain impartiality. That’s not what Penn State did with its preliminary look at Michael Mann–who has close ties with the UEA climate unit–nor is it what PSU plans to do with its follow-up inquiry. And PSU is taking considerable heat for it …” (more)

[Critical Mass, 12 February]