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Learning from Crunch Time

Posted in teaching with tags , , , on 28 December 2010 by Steve

“… Here’s what interests me more than any other facet: ‘For some they see this course as a competition. Is it? Should it be?’ Competition is healthy as well as harmful. I see third level education as an opportunity for students to discover complementary talent. For that kind of group dynamic to evolve, people need to appreciate diverse skill sets …” (more)

[Bernie Goldbach, Inside View, 28 December]


The Concept of ‘Competition’ in Higher Education

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 20 March 2010 by Steve

“In a paper published in October 2009, Donald Bradmore and Kosmas Smyrnios set out to determine how seriously Australian universities approach the issue of competition. The study’s findings – as well as the assumptions the authors use – are instructive. They cite a number of factors that explain the apparent rise in competition between institutions …” (more)

[Higher Education Management Group, 19 March]