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Dublin Business School to discuss law degree validation

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , , , on 28 September 2009 by Steve

“King’s Inns is to meet senior officials from Dublin Business School (DBS) tomorrow to discuss whether to continue validating the school’s law degree. DBS began offering a degree in Irish law in 2007, following its takeover of the law school at Dublin’s Portobello College, which offered a degree validated by the University of Wales. Since the takeover, a number of law lecturers have left DBS. Law graduates who wish to become barristers can take an entry examination for the King’s Inns degree if they have a primary law degree approved by the Inns. But the King’s Inns website removed the schedule of approved degrees from its website two weeks ago, and is refusing to tell prospective law students whether it recognises the DBS degree …” (more)

[Kieron Wood, Sunday Business Post, 27 September]