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NUIG head calls for college week cancellation

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , , , on 2 March 2011 by Steve

“The Students’ Union at NUI Galway says it doesn’t believe abandoning ‘College Week’ entirely will prevent students from participating in anti-social behaviour. President of the Union, Peter Mannion says, there is a bigger issue of alcoholism, which needs to be addressed …” (more)

[Galway Bay FM, 2 March]

Does Drinking in College Affect Students’ Grades?

Posted in Life with tags on 13 January 2011 by Steve

“I recently discussed on the blog new evidence pointing towards a positive relationship between students’ grades in college and their later-life health outcomes …” (more)

[Martin Ryan, Geary Behavioural Economics Blog, 12 January]

The alcohol problem

Posted in Life with tags , on 7 November 2010 by Steve

“About five years ago I was taking the bus from DCU to Dublin city centre, and sitting in the seats in front of me were two young people, I suspect students, who were discussing their plans for the evening. The gist of these plans was that they intended ‘to get totally smashed’ …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 7 November]

President of UCC issues alcohol warning

Posted in Life with tags , , on 6 November 2010 by Steve

“Health problems and Ireland’s image abroad will worsen significantly unless rising alcohol abuse by young people is reversed, the head of one of the country’s biggest colleges has warned …” (more)

[Niall Murray, Irish Examiner, 6 November]

UCC student drank lethal level of vodka during game

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 5 November 2010 by Steve

“The father of a 19-year- old student who died following a drinking game in which he consumed a lethal amount of vodka has paid a tearful tribute to his son …” (more)

[Louise Roseingrave, Irish Examiner, 5 November]

Coroner’s Court: UCC student died after lethal alcohol dose

Posted in Legal issues with tags , on 4 November 2010 by Steve

“The Cork City Coroner’s Court has been told of how a UCC student, Gary Murphy, died aged 19, after consuming a lethal amount of alcohol at a party …” (more)

[Cork Student News, 4 November]

‘Drunkorexia’ a growing trend among college students

Posted in Life with tags , on 21 October 2010 by Steve

“While ‘drunkorexia’ is not a medical term, it has become easily understood slang for the practice of swapping food calories for those in alcohol. And as the college semester is in full swing, campus counselors hear the term in the context of alcohol education and eating disorders …” (more)

[Kristen Browning-Blas, Los Angeles Times, 19 October]

Many Students Double Alcohol Consumption While Studying Abroad

Posted in Life with tags , on 13 October 2010 by Steve

“College students who study abroad are likely to increase or even double their amount of alcohol consumption, according to a new study …” (more)

[Chronicle of Higher Education, 12 October]

Student drinking studies offer mixed bag of results

Posted in Life with tags on 10 October 2010 by Steve

“A recent study by Drinkaware stands in awkward opposition to a similar survey conducted just a few weeks ago by the Health Department at UCC …” (more)

[Greg O’Donovan, Cork Student News, 10 October]

Women students: the drink diaries

Posted in Life with tags , on 8 October 2010 by Steve

“Newly published research shows female students binge-drinking as much as their male counterparts. Rosita Boland spends a night with some female students and gathers diaries of their drinking week …” (more)

[Irish Times, 8 October]

Students to get stark reminder on alcohol

Posted in Governance and administration with tags on 21 September 2010 by Steve

“Students celebrating freshers week will be warned of the dangers posed by alcohol when they visit the toilet in college bars across the country over the coming days. The ‘You’re drop dead gorgeous … ’til you drop down drunk’ poster campaign is designed to attract the attention of students …” (more)

[Éanna Ó Caollaí, Irish Times, 21 September]

Belfast drinkers fined for boozing in public place

Posted in Legal issues with tags , on 21 July 2010 by Steve

“Five people have been fined for on-street drinking in the university area of south Belfast on St Patrick’s Day. Six others were also fined in Belfast Magistrates Court for drinking alcohol in a public place …” (more)

[BBC News, 21 July]

The Case of FWABS: Drinking Un-Corked

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 9 April 2010 by Steve

“I’d always assumed that UCC was merely following the norm in having a zero tolerance policy to alcohol-related societies, but my illusions were shattered last week when a friend now studying in Edinburgh surprised me by informing me that his University was host to not one, but many drink-related societies, among which he highlighted as ‘excellent’ the University of Edinburgh Cocktail Society …” (more)

[Daniel O’Carroll, Cork Student News, 9 April]

France’s Solution to ‘le Binge Drinking’

Posted in Life with tags , , on 6 April 2010 by Steve

“American college students rallied last week to advocate marijuana as a safer alternative to alcohol on their campuses. In France, a new government report proposes a different solution to the problem of binge drinking among students: campus wine tastings in university canteens …” (more)

[Don Troop, Chronicle of Higher Education, 6 April]

Drinking and studying: they don’t mix

Posted in Life with tags on 14 March 2010 by Steve

“This paper looks at an important topic: how students consumption of alcohol affects their academic performance. That there is a negative effect is a matter for concern although it is not very surprising …” (more)

[Kevin Denny, Geary Behavioural Economics Blog, 14 March]

Middle-class students live high life staying at home

Posted in Fees and access with tags on 22 January 2010 by Steve

“Middle-class college students who live at home spend more money on drinking, smoking and socialising than any other group of undergraduates. New research reveals that the biggest monthly expenditure for stay-at-home students is their social life at €165 on average, compared to an average of €154 spent on clothes, toiletries, mobiles, transport, and loan repayments. But they are the lucky ones …” (more)

[John Walshe, Independent, 22 January]

Sindo and the student grant; time to put things in perspective

Posted in Legal issues with tags , on 19 January 2010 by Steve

“… According to the Sindo the report indicates that students spend €132 per month on drinking and socialising dwarfing a mere €30 . For those students I have spoken to about this ‘revelation’ they have got rather defensive. Others of the more academic persuasion have question the validity of the ESRI results and accuracy. I would wonder what year the data represents, as 2007 figures are nowhere near as accurate as 2009 figures …” (more)

[Tallyman, 18 January]

Grant-aided students buying more booze than books

Posted in Fees and access with tags , , on 17 January 2010 by Steve

“A government report is set to lift the lid on student life – revealing that grant-aided students spend three times more a month on ‘alcohol and socialising’ than on books. The Economic and Social Research Institute report will show that students spend €132 a month on having a good time – but about €30 a month on books and study aides …” (more)

[John Drennan, Independent, 17 January]

A Review of Motivational Interviewing-Based Interventions Targeting Problematic Drinking Among College Students

Posted in Life with tags , on 11 January 2010 by Steve

Abstract: This article reviews motivational interviewing (MI) -based interventions targeting heavy drinking college students published between 2003 and 2008. A total of 11 MI-based interventions were included in this study. Students receiving the interventions were generally heavy drinkers or adjudicated students …” (more)

[Paul Branscum and Manoj Sharma, Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, January 2010]

Student pub crawls face ban amid backlash over drunken disorder

Posted in Life with tags , on 8 November 2009 by Steve

UK“Participating in at least a modicum of alcohol-induced mayhem is an integral and, some might say, a formative part of the modern undergraduate experience. But the company that tried to turn the formula into business gold is this week experiencing a backlash so fierce it has caused it to be banned from student unions across the country. Carnage UK is an organisation that organises drinking events for an estimated 350,000 undergraduates in 45 towns and cities every year …” (more)

[Amelia Hill, Observer, 8 November]