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Micropublishing E-books for Higher Education

Posted in research, teaching with tags on 28 February 2011 by Steve

“The usual hype about new e-toys is familiar territory with e-books. Writing in 2008, before Kindle was launched (bK), Mark Nelson was writing in Educause that ‘some experts predict 2007 – 2009 will be the transition years for the higher education e-book market’. Obviously this hasn’t happened here …” (more)

[Is this going to be on the exam?, 28 February]

Cell launches a new format for the presentation of research articles online

Posted in research with tags on 9 January 2010 by Steve

“With this first issue of the year, Cell launches a new format for online presentation of all research articles. This ‘Article of the Future’ initiative reflects our commitment to evolve the concept of a scientific publication in step with the development of new technologies and functionalities both now and into the future …” (more)

[Cell Press Beta, 7 January]

Post-journal academic publishing?

Posted in research with tags , on 8 January 2010 by Steve

“Everyone knows the publishing industry is made up of dinosaurs, but academic publishing is the Brontosaurus. Academic journals are slow, expensive, inaccessible and non-transparent. And there’s absolutely no reason they need to exist anymore …” (more)

[Jon Smajda’s Blog, 7 January]

Reinventing Academic Publishing

Posted in research with tags on 9 August 2009 by Steve

USA“Although quoting yourself is generally considered tacky, I’ve been involved in several recent activities and discussions I’d like to share with you. These largely arose from Publishing on the Semantic Web, a column that Tim Berners-Lee and I coauthored in Nature back in 2001. In that column, one of a series of opinion pieces about academic publishing’s future, we discussed the Semantic Web’s potential impact. We ended with this somewhat brash statement …” (more)

[James Hendler, Scholarship 2.0, 6 August]