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A Copyright Expert Who Spoke Up for Academic Authors Offers Insights on the Ruling

Posted in Legal issues with tags on 24 March 2011 by Steve

“Pamela Samuelson played a lead role in voicing academic authors’ concerns over the Google Books settlement. That advocacy made an impact: Judge Denny Chin cited her writing in his ruling rejecting Google’s deal with authors and publishers, who were represented by the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers …” (more)

[Marc Parry, Chronicle of Higher Education, 23 March]

Google Decision Spurs Research Libraries to Rethink the Path to Digital Access

Posted in Legal issues with tags , on 24 March 2011 by Steve

“Tuesday, a federal judge tossed out the proposed settlement in the lawsuit over Google’s vast book-digitization project. Still, research libraries with a stake in that work said they were undeterred …” (more)

[Jennifer Howard, Chronicle of Higher Education, 23 March]

I test-drive Google Latin – and some other new electronics

Posted in research with tags , on 3 October 2010 by Steve

“Our computer officer (thanks Steve) alerted me to the new addition to Google’s repertoire of electronic translation aids: the Latin translator. You type the Latin words in they give you the English words out. Wondering whether it might put me out of a job (no, not seriously …), I decided to give it a test drive …” (more)

[Mary Beard, A don’s life, 3 October]

Google to provide Cloud Computing Services to University College Cork Students

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 16 August 2010 by Steve

“UCC announced today that it has partnered with global company Google for the provision of cloud computing services to its students …” (more)

[UCC Media and Communications, 16 August]

Google finances projects to test digital library

Posted in research with tags on 18 July 2010 by Steve

“Google Inc. is giving researchers nearly a half-million dollars to test the academic value of its rapidly growing online library. The grants announced Wednesday will be used to help pay for 12 humanities projects studying questions that will require sifting through thousands of books to reach meaningful conclusions …” (more)

[Michael Liedtke, Associated Press, 15 July]

The Humanities Go Google

Posted in research with tags , on 28 May 2010 by Steve

“Matthew L Jockers may be the first English professor to assign 1,200 novels in one class. Lucky for the students, they don’t have to read them. As grunts in Stanford University’s new Literature Lab, these students investigate the evolution of literary style by teaming up like biologists and using computer programs to ‘read’ an entire library. It’s a controversial vision …” (more)

[Marc Parry, Chronicle of Higher Education, 28 May]

They’re Here! E-Mail Alerts for Google Scholar Now Available Direct from Google

Posted in research with tags on 12 May 2010 by Steve

“Until now, Google Scholar users had to use a variety of methods to create alerts to notify them of new content in Google Scholar. Well, the wait is over and as of this weekend, Google Scholar E-Mail Alerts are now available …” (more)

[Jess Eustace, Read Around Research, 12 May]