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IReL Resources 2010 – Update

Posted in research with tags on 4 May 2010 by Steve

“In early 2010 it emerged that the budget available for the IReL initiative in 2010 and 2011 would suffer significant cuts and a number of resources were cancelled in late January 2010. In the interim and due to the collective efforts of the IUALG, IRIS office and IReL steering group, with vital support from the HEA and IUA Council , it has been possible to arrive at a solution which maximises resources available under IReL for the next two years …” (more)

[IReL, 4 May]

Maths journals

Posted in research with tags , on 25 February 2010 by Steve

“Abrupt cancellation of on-line journal subscriptions …” (tweet, excel spread sheet)

[John Murray, Twitter, 24 February]

Notice to all IReL users – cancellations

Posted in research with tags , on 29 January 2010 by Steve

“… Due to increasing publisher costs and other factors it is necessary for some IReL resources to be cancelled even if IReL funding were to be maintained at pre-2010 levels. Arising from this, and in the first of what will probably be a number of cancellation processes, the resources listed below will shortly become unavailable through IReL …” (more)

[IReL, 29 January]

Update on funding for the Irish Research eLibrary

Posted in research with tags , on 14 January 2010 by Steve

“IReL currently operates on a budget of €9M, with approximately €5M coming from Science Foundation Ireland and the remainder from Higher Education Authority. In light of SFI’s decision to cease its funding, the HEA has indicated orally that it will provide €6M funding for IReL in 2010 and the same for 2011. The HEA is expected to confirm this offer formally very soon …” (more)

[Ian Power, UCC Students’ Union Blog, 14 January]

IReL Electronic Journals Provision in 2010

Posted in research with tags , on 4 January 2010 by Steve

“You will be aware that the IReL initiative has provided access to over 24,000 electronic journals over the past number of years. IReL has been a most significant facilitator for research across all academic disciplines and is widely appreciated among the research community. The Library, through the IUA Librarians Group, is working with senior University officers and the HEA to explore funding options to ensure continuity of access to IReL resources from January 2010 …” (more)

[Trinity College Library Dublin, 4 January]


Posted in research with tags on 4 December 2009 by Steve

“Very bad news. Looks like the IReL consortia is finished. Proposed budget reduction of 75%. More later …” (tweet)

[Garret McMahon, Twitter, 3 December]