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Debt burden fears for third level students

Posted in Fees and access with tags , , on 14 January 2011 by Steve

“As fears grow that third level students could be faced with debts of up to 25,000 euro if a proposed new loans scheme is introduced, Minister for Education, Mary Coughlan insisted it was not her intention to leave students with an ‘unmanageable’ financial burden when they graduated …” (more)

[Donegal Democrat, 13 January]

Students concerned over loan scheme plan

Posted in Fees and access with tags , , on 13 January 2011 by Steve

“There was widespread criticism from student leaders of a proposed loan scheme for students contained in the Hunt report on higher education …” (more)

[Cían Nihill, Irish Times, 13 January]

New thinking on graduate funding

Posted in Fees and access with tags , on 13 January 2011 by Steve

“Irish politicians, looking across the water at the crisis in the British government over student loans, will quail at the thought of trying anything similar here …” (more)

[Independent, 12 January]

Report calls for upfront fees and loan plan

Posted in Fees and access with tags , , , on 12 January 2011 by Steve

“Students face significant hikes in college costs as Tánaiste Mary Coughlan endorsed calls for a mix of upfront fees and a student loan scheme …” (more)

[Irish Examiner, 12 January]

Loan scheme to help students with €3,000 fees rejected by department

Posted in Fees and access with tags , on 2 November 2010 by Steve

“The introduction of any loan scheme to help students and parents cope with student fees of up to €3,000 from next September has been ruled out by the Department of Education …” (more)

[Seán Flynn, Irish Times, 2 November]

IBEC calls for deferred loan scheme to apply to all students

Posted in Fees and access with tags , , on 13 October 2010 by Steve

“Employers’ body IBEC has called for the current ‘free’ tuition fees scheme to be replaced by a universal loan system and income contingent repayments …” (more)

[Gary Barrett, Edufactory, 12 October]

Third-level loans much cheaper at credit unions than banks

Posted in Fees and access with tags on 14 September 2010 by Steve

“Credit unions have emerged as being significantly cheaper for education loans than banks and building societies. An Irish Independent survey of credit unions across Ireland has found that the average interest rate for a credit union education loan is less than 6% …” (more)

[Charlie Weston, Independent, 14 September]

More students using credit unions to cover costs

Posted in Fees and access with tags on 17 August 2010 by Steve

“Hard-pressed students and their families are turning to credit unions in increasing numbers for student loans. Credit unions around the country report a jump in loan requests this year due to the general economic downturn …” (more)

[John Walshe, Independent, 17 August]

Demand for student loans rise, say Credit Union reps

Posted in Fees and access with tags on 16 August 2010 by Steve

“Credit Unions around the country have reported a marked increase in demand for student loans. Fintan Ryan, manager of Tralee Credit Union, is among those who noted the rise in the amount of enquiries for loans …” (more)

[, 16 August]

Policy Options for Student Loans in the USA

Posted in Fees and access with tags , on 3 August 2010 by Steve

“A recent study from the United States Congressional Budget Office, Costs and Policy Options for Federal Student Loan Programs (March 2010), ‘compares the budgetary and fair-value costs of the (existing) federal student loan programs. It also looks at several options for modifying those programs …'” (more)

[Martin Ryan, Geary Behavioural Economics Blog, 3 August]

Income Contingent Student Loans

Posted in Fees and access with tags , on 28 July 2010 by Steve

“The High level Strategy Group, chaired by Colin Hunt, is due (over-due, in fact) to report on a strategy for Higher Education in Ireland. One issue that may be confronted is the question of the re-introduction of fees. Rather than a return to the old system a more likely scenario is some form of income contingent loan …” (more)

[Kevin Denny, Geary Behavioural Economics Blog, 28 July]

Call for colleges to borrow from banks

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , , , on 19 February 2010 by Steve

“Bank finance is underutilised by Irish third-level institutions as a funding source, the head of education banking at Barclays has said. Chris Hearn was speaking ahead of meetings in Dublin yesterday with representatives from Trinity College Dublin, UCD and the Irish Universities Association (IUA) about the possible provision of bank debt facilities to third-level institutions in Ireland …” (more)

[Irish Times, 19 February]

Loan plan for jobless to take post-grad courses

Posted in Fees and access with tags , on 14 August 2009 by Steve

Ireland“In the first scheme of its kind, DCU and Bank of Ireland are offering discounted loans to those recently unemployed who wish to study engineering and computing at postgraduate level. Under the scheme, students can borrow up to €15,000 to defray college fees and expenses. But any repayment can be delayed for 18 months, giving students a measure of financial freedom during their studies …” (more)

[Seán Flynn, Irish Times, 14 August]

Degree loans and grants frozen

Posted in Fees and access with tags , , on 1 July 2009 by Steve

UK“Student grants and loans in England will not rise in line with tuition fee increases for the academic year 2010-2011, the government has said. Tuition fees will increase by 2.04% from September 2010, but full maintenance grants and loans will remain at current levels. Students starting a degree in 2010 will pay £3,290, rising from £3,225 …” (more)

[BBC News, 1 July]

German students striking for free education

Posted in Fees and access with tags , , on 19 June 2009 by Steve

Germany“German students in Berlin and Jena drew attention of the media to their actions this week. A strike for free and common access to education, an option of child care during studies and student loans (not depending on the parents’ earnings). The revision of the Bologna process and many more statements has been raised by students in Jena, who are blocking the first floor of the main building of the Friedrich Schiller University …” (more)

[Fyeg’s Blog,18 June]