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Nanotechnology pays big dividends

Posted in research with tags , , , on 11 March 2011 by Steve

“Investment in nanotechnology by the Irish government and industry is now showing tangible results, according to Diarmuid O’Brien, executive director of Crann. The research institute, which focuses on nanotechnology and material science, released its annual report today …” (more)

[Adam Maguire, Irish Times, 11 March]

TCD leads the way in development of nanomaterial

Posted in research with tags , on 10 February 2011 by Steve

“Irish-led research has opened up a whole new family of ‘nanomaterials’ that will support technologies in a wide range of areas. They can be used to deliver electricity from waste heat, in microelectronics and in tough ‘super materials’ with unique mechanical properties …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 10 February]

RDS to announce award for nanotech

Posted in research with tags , on 5 February 2011 by Steve

“Nominations have opened for a new award that highlights research discoveries being made by scientists here and Irish scientists abroad working in the nanotechnology area …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 5 February]

Nanotechnology investments look like paying off

Posted in research with tags on 4 February 2011 by Steve

“How do you give the very small some very large market opportunities? Nanotechnology, an area of research and industry dealing with objects thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair, is one of the State’s key focus areas for research funding …” (more)

[Karlin Lillington, Irish Times, 4 February]

Tyndall CEO welcomes Forfás report on Nanotechnology

Posted in research with tags , , , on 31 August 2010 by Steve

“Professor Roger Whatmore, CEO of Tyndall National Institute, UCC today welcomed the Forfás report on Ireland’s Nanotechnology Commercialisation Framework 2010-2014 …” (more)

[UCC Media and Communications, 31 August]