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EUA warns over impact of economic crisis

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 16 January 2011 by Steve

“The economic crisis has affected European higher education systems in different ways and at different stages of the crisis, but the ensuing cuts are likely to lead to sweeping changes to higher education systems around Europe, according to a report by the European University Association …” (more)

[Brendan O’Malley, University World News, 16 January]

Arts essential to rebuilding

Posted in Life with tags , , on 23 May 2010 by Steve

“… I want to argue, however, that the arts and human sciences, far from being luxuries to be discarded at the first sign of rain, are essential to the well-being of any society. Specifically, I believe that a real commitment to arts and humanities education is essential to the survival of a viable, pluralist democracy …” (more)

[Pádraic Conway, Sunday Business Post, 23 May]

University had ‘sub’ to pay staff

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 19 April 2010 by Steve

“A cash-strapped university came close to not paying its staff wages last month, the BBC has learned …” (more)

[BBC News, 19 April]

Bonus points for maths

Posted in Fees and access with tags , , on 14 April 2010 by Steve

“Madam, – At a time when children are being encouraged to take honours maths in the Leaving Cert and pursue studies in engineering and science, I would like to outline the fate of my family. Both my son and daughter took honours maths in the Leaving Cert and then went on to college …” (more)

[Marie Ruane, Irish Times, 14 April]

Global higher education funding and the great recession

Posted in Governance and administration with tags on 12 April 2010 by Steve

“I highly recommend a very interesting recent paper by John Aubrey Douglass of UC Berkeley, entitled Higher Education Budgets and the Global Recession: Tracking Varied National Responses and Their Consequences. He looks at the impacts of the current recession on education funding and policy in a number of OECD and other countries, including the US …” (more)

[Changing Higher Education, 11 April]

Situation worsens for universities

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 21 March 2010 by Steve

“The perfect higher education storm is developing in Ireland – a burgeoning population has forced enrolment projections upwards, a recession is driving more school leavers and adults into college and, at the same time, forcing cuts in budgets and staffing levels, as well as a political decision not to re-introduce tuition fees during the lifetime of the present government. Clearly, something has to give …” (more)

[John Walshe, University World News, 21 March]

Financial crisis hits universities

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 21 February 2010 by Steve

“Spain’s economic crisis is beginning to bite, hitting top Spanish universities – including the Universidad Complutense which joined The Europaeum in 2003. The government’s austerity measures kicked in from January and, although education was to be protected, public universities are feeling the pressure as regional authorities propose substantial cuts that will hit higher education …” (more)

[University World News, 21 February]