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Norway and Switzerland fight FP8 budget hike

Posted in research with tags , , , , on 29 January 2011 by Steve

“Norway and Switzerland are opposing a budget increase for the next Framework Programme, which starts in 2014, fearing that their contribution to its costs could grow out of all proportion. Both countries are outside the EU and would have to pay significantly more towards Framework 8 than previous Framework Programmes if its budget increases …” (more)

[Inga Vesper and John Fogarty, Research, 25 January]

Ireland bucks trend with plan to increase research spending

Posted in research with tags on 27 January 2011 by Steve

“Given the turmoil in many areas, one may question the status of support for research in 2011 and beyond. There are two aspects, the immediate one of the 2011 R&D budget and longer-term national strategy. In the budget for 2011 despite cutbacks in many sectors the prospects for research are positive …” (more)

[Conor O’Carroll, Irish Times, 27 January]

Another threat to the humanities and social sciences?

Posted in research with tags , , , on 13 December 2010 by Steve

“A group of scholars at the Freie Universität in Berlin is distributing via E-mail and their website alarming information about downsizing of the EU research funding in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The EU is currently drawing up its 8th framework program, in which it decides how to allocate its money …” (more)

[Ingrid Robeyns, Crooked Timber, 13 December]

Is industry funding of university research dangerous?

Posted in research with tags , on 26 November 2010 by Steve

“Last year in this blog I published a post in which I raised various questions about links between universities and industry, and in particular whether industry funding for university research can compromise academic integrity …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 26 November]

Farewell to the Haldane Principle?

Posted in research with tags , on 17 November 2010 by Steve

“Many scientists – myself included – were so relieved at the outcome of the recent Comprehensive Spending Review that we thought the government had accepted the argument that Science is Vital more-or-less completely. Most of us have stopped worrying about whether we’re going to have to go about to carry on doing science and just got on with doing it for the past few weeks …” (more)

[In the Dark, 17 November]

Ex-Intel CEO says Ireland’s 3% of GDP research target not adequate; Wise or crazy advice?

Posted in research with tags , on 17 November 2010 by Steve

“A former Intel CEO said on Tuesday that Ireland’s 3% of GDP (gross domestic product) research target is no longer adequate. Is this wise or crazy advice in an economy where the indigenous sector only accounts for about 10% of tradeable goods and services exports? …” (more)

[Michael Hennigan, Finfacts, 17 November]

Ireland needs to revise its 3% GDP target for R&D upwards

Posted in research with tags , on 16 November 2010 by Steve

“Former Intel CEO Craig Barrett has said that the 3pc target for investment of GDP into R&D for Ireland is no longer a reasonable target and called for increased State investment in R&D projects …” (more)

[John Kennedy, Silicon Republic, 16 November]