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Who owns the research outputs?

Posted in Legal issues, research with tags , , on 2 March 2011 by Steve

“For ten years, through the 1990s, I worked as a professor of law in the University of Hull in Northern England. Every so often I would be present at the kind of conversation where people mused on missed opportunities …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 2 March]

Irish election raises questions for stem cell research

Posted in research with tags , , on 28 February 2011 by Steve

“The Fianna Fail party, in power in Ireland since 1997, had supported science well enough over the last decade or so to allow the small country to dramatically raise its international profile. This year it even scraped into the top twenty science-producing countries in terms of citations per research paper. Irish scientists now have to worry about whether this progress will be maintained under Fine Gael …” (more)

[Alison Abbott, The Great Beyond, 28 February]

Why I research

Posted in research with tags on 23 February 2011 by Steve

“I came across George Orwell’s 1946 essay Why I write. Some of his reasons for writing resonate with some of my reasons for doing research. I wasn’t expecting that …” (more)

[, 23 February]

Global division of labour in R&D as research follows production

Posted in research with tags on 8 February 2011 by Steve

“The trend towards a global division of labour and specialisation is not bypassing the R&D departments of multinational firms according to a new report by Deutsche Bank Research. Leading technology groups are increasingly considering emerging markets such as China and India as R&D locations in addition to industrial nations …” (more)

[Finfacts Ireland, 8 February]

Improbable research: academics assist lions in their roaring contests

Posted in research with tags , , on 31 January 2011 by Steve

“Lion-roaring competitions used to be private affairs, organised entirely by lions, without spectators. That changed in the early 1990s …” (more)

[Marc Abrahams, Guardian, 31 January]

Scientists Fault Universities as Favoring Research Over Teaching

Posted in research, teaching with tags , , on 14 January 2011 by Steve

“The United States’ educational and research pre-eminence is being undermined, and some of the chief underminers are universities themselves, according to articles this week in Science and Nature magazines …” (more)

[Paul Basken, Chronicle of Higher Education, 13 January]

Is research a waste of taxpayers’ money?

Posted in research with tags , on 5 January 2011 by Steve

“The answer to the question is ‘no’, by the way, but there is no shortage of people who will claim otherwise. There appears to be a particular tendency for Irish economists (or at least some of them) to play down the economic impact of research …” (more)

[Ferdinand on Prondzynski, University Blog, 5 January]