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Degree in rhetoric to be launched

Posted in teaching with tags on 15 July 2009 by Steve

UK“Rhetoric, once taught as a cornerstone of an aristocratic classical education, is to be revived as a university masters degree course. The MA in Rhetoric, to be launched by the University of Central Lancashire, is being claimed as the first of its kind in the United Kingdom …” (more)

[Sean Coughlan, BBC News, 14 July]

Developing rhetoric

Posted in Life with tags , on 30 June 2009 by Steve

Ireland“… Anyway, the point of all this is that rhetoric – the art of persuasive speaking – is such an important skill in the academic environment. Few academics are trained in it, and if we’re honest not all of them do it well. Too often we believe that the intellectual cohesion of what we say should be enough, and that our skills in communicating it are of no great importance, or possibly even a sign that the academic pedigree of the content is deficient. I have never bought that: I believe that as lecturers we must be able to inspire, impress and entertain; these rhetorical devices help to engage the student and make the subject-matter memorable …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 29 June]