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Sexist college events part III: Result!

Posted in Life with tags , on 17 February 2011 by Steve

“Last week I wrote a post about the UCC Tramps ball after receiving an email from a UCC student branding the event sexist. Opening the email yesterday, I was delighted to find the below email from the UCC equality officer …” (more)

[, 17 February]


Sexist college events, part II: University College Cork

Posted in Life with tags , , on 10 February 2011 by Steve

“Looks like students at UCC and Trinity have equally poor taste when it comes to organising events …” (more)

[, 9 February]

Throw Them Out?

Posted in Legal issues with tags on 25 October 2010 by Steve

“A recent post about a colleague’s postdoc who is disrespectful (in more than a casual way) to female postdocs, but not to female professors or students, attracted many comments, including some from those who felt that the postdoc should be immediately fired. I am curious about the demographics of those in the ‘fire him immediately’ camp vs. those in the ‘give him a chance to change’ camp …” (more)

[FemaleScienceProfessor, 25 October]

File under – ‘Silly comments by middle-aged university managers’

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , , on 6 October 2009 by Steve

Ireland“Last week I was walking across the DCU campus when I came upon a frantic young man in a car who, as he told me, had an urgent appointment in the university but couldn’t find anywhere to park. On this occasion I was able to help him, but these days we have constant car parking issues. In his book, The Uses of the University, Clark Kerr, the late chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley, suggested that a university president has three key tasks that the institution’s main stakeholders will expect to see achieved: ‘sex for the students, athletics for the alumni, and parking for the faculty’. Only the last of these, Kerr suggested, presented a problem …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, Irish Times, 6 October]

Male academics and curvy women?

Posted in Life with tags , , , on 25 September 2009 by Steve

Ireland“Oh dear, some middle aged male academics just can’t appear to resist the idea that there is something sexy about being sexist. The latest man to demonstrate this is Terence Kealey, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham. In a piece on ‘lust’ (part of a bigger collection of comments by several academics on the seven deadly sins) in Times Higher Education, Dr Kealey quite incredibly suggests the following …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 25 September]