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How Australia’s ‘Smart State’ Lured Irish Science Guru

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 3 September 2010 by Steve

“Last month, one of Australia’s leading biomedical centers, the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) in Brisbane, announced it had enticed Frank Gannon to step down from running the funding agency Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and become its next director in 2011 …” (more)

[John Travis, Science Insider, 31 August]

Irish science is a real cause for optimism

Posted in research with tags , , on 30 August 2010 by Steve

“… just over two decades ago, Ireland’s international performance in terms of the quality of scientific publications was below that of Bangladesh. The quantity of output relative to our population was well below the EU average. In the last ten years, our output has accelerated like no time in our history. We have exceeded the EU average and are now at OECD levels …” (more)

[Graham Love, Sunday Business Post, 29 August]

Solutions to real-world problems

Posted in research with tags on 27 August 2010 by Steve

“What have the bubbles in a can of draught Guinness, acid etchings on crystal glass, commercial chicken rearing and telephone conference voice quality got in common? They are all areas where applied mathematics can offer solutions in terms of process and efficiency improvements …” (more)

[Irish Times, 27 August]

Science Foundation Ireland chief confirms departure from post

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 20 August 2010 by Steve

“The head of Ireland’s largest research funding body Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is to resign his post and move to take up a new appointment in Australia at the beginning of next year …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 20 August]

We’re in science top 20

Posted in research with tags , on 6 August 2010 by Steve

“The Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) connected 349 firms with college researchers in a move which is expected to create hundreds of jobs in key development projects. Ireland has now moved from a level below Bangladesh to breaking into the top 20 in the scientific global rankings, according to Thomson Reuters Essential Scientific Indicators …” (more)

[Herald, 6 August]

SFI reports 25% rise in research-industry collaborations

Posted in research with tags on 6 August 2010 by Steve

“Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the Government organisation that allocates €180 million annually for research in science and technology, has released its annual report …” (more)

[Conor Sullivan, Irish Times, 6 August]

Industry/academic research links grew 25% in past year

Posted in research with tags on 5 August 2010 by Steve

“Science Foundation Ireland’s 2009 annual report, launched today, showed that research links between industry and academia in Ireland grew by 25% last year …” (more)

[Marie Boran, Silicon Republic, 5 August]

Science Foundation Ireland chief to take up an overseas position

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 30 July 2010 by Steve

“The head of research funding body Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is preparing to leave Ireland and take up a new post abroad. The move relates to professional advancement rather than dissatisfaction with his current position, according to sources in the Government …” (more)

[Dick Alhstrom, Irish Times, 30 July]

Science body to be expanded in drive for ‘innovation’

Posted in research with tags on 26 July 2010 by Steve

“The Government is considering expanding the role of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) to allow it to fund more applied industry-related research, and take a broader role in fostering innovation. The foundation is also likely to escape the next round of capital spending cuts, and become a key part of a slimmed-down technology promotion system, which may lead to a single ‘innovation’ agency …” (more)

[Brendan Keenan, Independent, 26 July]

Ireland Cuts Back on PhD and Postdoc Support

Posted in research with tags , on 11 July 2010 by Steve

“Ireland is to shed nearly 1000 PhD and postdoctoral posts in 2010 and 2011 as a result of severe government budget cuts. This runs counter to the government’s stated policy of doubling the number of people who have PhDs. Cuts in funding to Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the public body responsible for investment in scientific and engineering research, has forced it to reduce the numbers of doctoral and postdoc researchers it supports by 950 by the end of next year …” (more)

[Sean Duke, Science Insider, 9 July]

Sliding towards the Not-So-Smart Economy?

Posted in research with tags , , , on 7 July 2010 by Steve

“Earlier this year I pointed out that, notwithstanding Ireland’s commitment to spend 3% of GDP on research and development, our actual performance does not measure up to that target. In fact, according to my calculations Ireland’s R&D expenditure now lies at around 1.4% of GDP, and it is falling …” (more)

[Ferdinand von Prondzynski, University Blog, 7 July]

Blow to smart economy as 950 research jobs face axe

Posted in research with tags , , , on 6 July 2010 by Steve

“Up to 600 research posts that are key to the development of the ‘smart economy’ will be lost this year. A further 350 crucial research jobs will go next year, the Government has been told. The loss of 950 PhD and post-doctoral posts was revealed in figures prepared by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) …” (more)

[John Walshe and others, Independent, 6 July]

PhD graduates face jobs shortage

Posted in Life with tags , , on 6 June 2010 by Steve

“A government policy drawn up four years ago to double the output of PhD students in Ireland is midway through its term. But now there are questions about whether the plan is on the right track and if it still has the merit it once had …” (more)

[Nicola Cooke, Sunday Business Post, 6 June]

Prestigious new role for SFI director general

Posted in research with tags , on 1 June 2010 by Steve

“Prof Frank Gannon, director general of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), as been appointed vice-president of EUROHORCS (European Heads of Research Councils), just one year after he was elected to the association’s Steering Committee …” (more)

[Deirdre Nolan, Silicon Republic, 1 June]

‘Turf war’ over funds for college research

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , , , on 28 May 2010 by Steve

“The allocation of more than €300 million in research funding for Irish universities and college is being held up by a bitter ‘turf war’ involving Government departments and State agencies. The Department of Education and the Higher Education Authority (HEA) have expressed unease about new arrangements in which they will lose control of the 10-year-old Programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions (PRTLI) …” (more)

[Seán Flynn, Irish Times, 28 May]

€8.5m funding for ‘smart economy’

Posted in Governance and administration with tags , on 18 May 2010 by Steve

“Cutting edge research projects are to get an €8.5 million funding boost, creating jobs and training places for 105 researchers and contributing to the ‘smart’ economy …” (more)

[Ciara O’Brien, Irish Times, 18 May]

€8.5m for research projects

Posted in research with tags , on 17 May 2010 by Steve

“Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe today announced €8.5 million for 47 cutting-edge research projects which will create new jobs for the so-called smart economy …” (more)

[, 17 May]

Science funding of more than €25m announced

Posted in research with tags on 29 April 2010 by Steve

“Science Foundation Ireland has announced research funding worth more than €25 million. The money will support 27 projects in a range of areas including energy, environment, health and telecommunications. Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation Batt O’Keeffe yesterday welcomed the support, saying it would create new jobs in the smart economy …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 29 April]

State pledges €25m to research projects

Posted in research with tags , on 28 April 2010 by Steve

“More than €25 million was today pledged to fund 27 research projects which the Government claims will help create new jobs in the so-called smart economy. Some 139 third-level researchers benefiting from the money are working on schemes focusing on energy, environmental protection, health, agriculture and telecommunications …” (more)

[Irish Times, 28 April]

TCD Scientists Make Significant Breakthrough in Genetic Processes of Flower Development

Posted in research with tags , on 6 April 2010 by Steve

“An international collaborative research group, involving scientists from the Plant Developmental Genetics laboratory at Trinity College Dublin, has made a significant breakthrough in understanding the genetic processes underlying flower development. The research funded by Science Foundation Ireland is published today in the leading international journal, Science …” (more)

[Trinity Communications Office, 6 April]