The Real Barriers for Women in Science

“A new paper in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences argues that it is time to shift the discussion on the relatively small number of women in some math and science disciplines. The paper, by Stephen J Ceci and Wendy M Williams, both of Cornell University, argues that formal discrimination is no longer a significant factor in hiring and related decisions …” (more)

[Inside Higher Ed, 9 February]


One Response to “The Real Barriers for Women in Science”

  1. Bernie Hannigan Says:

    I agree so much with this paper. As a woman in academic and policy science positions, now nearing the end of my 3rd decade in employment – I have reached very similar conclusions based upon intensive surveying of my personal sample of one and lots of observations on my (small numbers of) female colleagues. At least in the UK, we need to re-think the structures of academic science careers and their financial support. Part-time working should not be regarded as demonstrating a lesser commitment to any position. After all, 5 working days per week or the length of the working day are just conventions that evolved over a long period and in employment contexts utterly different to those of modern science or family life. Changing a system is always a very daunting proposition however we must at least start to raise the level of debate above that which has pertained for the last half century.

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