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Academic Workloads

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Ireland“I’ve been watching a debate hot up on the THE website in response to an article about academic workloads. The research for the article suggests that academics’ working hours (in the UK, where the study was done) have remained fairly stable over the past few decades, averaging about 55 hours per week. What has changed is the proportion of administrative duties that academics undertake (up now to just over 30% of their workload) …” (more)

[Summa cum laude, 30 September]

Funding for research announced

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Ireland“Funding of almost €1 million to attract world-class researchers to Ireland was today announced by Minister of State for Science, Technology and Innovation, Conor Lenihan. Launching the 2008 Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Annual Report, Mr Lenihan said the funding would be used to attract researchers through SFI’s Walton Visitor Programme. By directly supporting 2,812 researchers and collaborating with over 300 companies, SFI is playing a key role in the Irish economy and in the Government’s strategy to build a Smart Economy, Mr Lenihan said …” (more)

[Irish Times, 30 September]

Why academic tenure is in the national interest

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Ireland“Consider the following scenario – a gifted Irish undergraduate becomes inspired by a subject like vascular biology and its potential in alleviating human suffering. He asks for an appointment to see the professor who most interested him in the subject and expresses interest in doing graduate work. The professor welcomes the proposal, but explains that he, the professor, can be summarily dismissed at any moment without cause. In fact, there is no way he can guarantee that he will be in office in 5 minutes …” (more)

[Seán Ó Nualláin, University Blog on Academic Tenure in Ireland, 30 September]

Student-Advisor Matching and Early Career Publishing Success for Economics PhDs

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USA“Abstract: We examine a unique data set containing information on a PhD recipient’s dissertation advisor, graduate program, and early career publishing success. Regressions controlling for the ranking of both the student’s graduate program and dissertation advisor confirm that, all else equal, students working with prominent advisors are significantly more likely to publish in their early careers, especially in top 36 journals, than students working with less prominent advisors …” (more)

[Martin Ryan, Geary Behavioural Economics Blog, 30 September]

800 construction jobs for NUIG

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Ireland“NUIG is to create 800 construction jobs in the coming months, as part of a €100 million expansion to the university, which will see the construction of three new buildings. An Taoiseach Brian Cowen successfully performed the sod turning ceremony on the first of the three buildings, the €40 million state-of-the-art engineering building, on his visit to the city last Friday. The building, which will be the largest of its type in Ireland on completion, is being built on the North Campus of the Corrib-side university. As well as the Engineering building, the university is constructing two research buildings at a cost of €25 million each …” (more)

[Colin Bartley, Galway Independent, 30 September]

Forward Into the Cloud

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USA“While a number of colleges and universities devote resources to keep campus e-mail grounded on their own servers, they are finding it difficult to coax students out of the cloud. Students are increasingly arriving at college already managing multiple e-mail addresses with ‘cloud’-based e-mail services – such as Gmail and Hotmail – which are hosted remotely by third-party companies. These students are often reluctant to use the e-mail client provided to them by their institution. ‘We did a survey several years ago, and the overwhelming majority of incoming students said they had between three and four e-mail accounts’, said Beth Ann Bergsmark, director for academic information technology services at Georgetown University …” (more)

[Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, 30 September]

Curbing College Gambling

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USA“… Several studies cited in the report suggest that between 3 and 11 percent of American college students have serious problems with gambling that could result in academic, financial or mental health problems. A 2003 study found that 42 percent of college students had gambled during the previous year. The report calls on colleges and universities to create campus-wide committees to formulate and oversee gambling policies, restricting on-campus gambling and making sure campus policies are in line with local, state and federal gambling laws. It suggests that institutions regard gambling as a mental health disorder and adopt accommodations for students recovering from gambling problems. In all, there are 10 recommendations aimed at reframing how institutions tackle gambling issues …” (more)

[Jennifer Epstein, Inside Higher Ed, 30 September]